Hippy Times #13 🏋🏻‍♀️

Friday 30 March – Good Friday Holiday.  It’s so very quiet around as there’s nothing open today – well virtually nothing and that means the gym isn’t open either.  David goes off on his walk and so I get going on my rehab exercises.  Waratah Rehab finally returned my call and left a message to say that they were waiting for a form to be sent through from Wolper Rehab which they needed to complete, return to Wolper and then I would be contacted in order to start my outpatient rehab there.  As I am going back to work next week just for four days, I won’t be able to attend the rehab classes anyway however I would very much like to do the half days for the two weeks after that.  There’s so much I need to learn about how hard I can push myself, how far I can walk, when I can start doing exercises that have weight added, when I can ride a bicycle etc etc.

This is going to be a lazy day – the sun is shining so I think I will sit in the courtyard and catch some rays whilst reading my book.  It feels like a Sunday today, not sure why, probably because it’s so quiet everywhere.  I’m doing roast chicken tonight and normally a full blown roast dinner is reserved for Sunday so that contributes to it too.

My hip is feeling more and more normal every day.  The swelling is gradually subsiding, and I do mean gradually.  If I spend too long on my feet, they still swell so periodically I have to sit down and put my feet up on the chair to reduce this effect.

It’s turned out to be another stunning day weather wise – we have been so lucky over the last week, long may it continue.

David goes on a second walk during the afternoon and I do my second lot of rehab exercises.  It’s not much compared with what I am accustomed to but I must put the brakes on and only do what I have been advised as there is no way I want to put this hip in any jeopardy.

Yesterday evening I also phoned my surgeon’s rooms to ask what I should do about the dressing on the wound.  They had previously advised that the longer the original silver dressing stays on (and there is silver in it as it assists in the healing process) the better so I am doing everything I can to keep it dry in the shower etc.  The surgeon had said there would be dissolving stitches, the nurse at Waratah had said that the two she had seen where there had obviously been a separate small incision for something, were not dissolving.  So, that said, I was told that my GP will be the one to change the dressing.  I make a note to call him tomorrow morning to check and see if I need to make an appointment when the nurse is there or if it’s Dr Andrew Small who will do this – I can then plan when I go in.

That’s all for today……..the lazy day😊

Hippy Times 🏋🏻‍♀️

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