About Activ8Energy

Sarah is a qualified Master Personal Trainer and champion body builder specialising in fitness, meal plans and body transformation mainly, but not limited to, the 40+ population and females experiencing menopause who are looking to improve their overall fitness, health and wellbeing. She does this by introducing customised eating plans along with appropriately prescribed exercise and fitness plans to help You achieve Your goals.    

What a busy … ðŸ‹ðŸ»â€â™€ï¸

What a busy week it’s been.  Our final week in Spain for a couple of months.  I embarked on the challenge of trying to lose the 3 kgs I have gained since I had my hip replacement operation and have managed 1.2 kgs loss this week so it’s progress.  It’s tough when you are in a new country and making new friends and socialising but in the end the head stays strong and everyone knows you can’t out train a bad diet so I have been trying to focus on reducing slowly and staying sane whilst not being the party pooper and making it too obvious to everyone.

The Gym

I have been to “The Gym” at Moraira every day (one of the few places in Spain that doesn’t shut for siesta time) and Dan Hills, the owner, says there are only two days of the year that he is closed and that’s Christmas Day and Boxing Day so if you are in the area for any length of time, be sure to pay the gym a visit.  They offer very flexible arrangements and you can pay for a day, a week, 10 days, a month etc etc.  The other gym goers there are very friendly and there’s a huge cross section of people from obvious body builders, to those who just want to keep fit, to the older population who are keeping fit and staying mobile – they offer classes too if that’s your thing.  Plenty of variety of equipment, free weights, bands etc.

I’m excited to be going to France this week – we are leaving tomorrow and I have identified a gym near our next destination (where we will be for about three and a half weeks) so watch this space for the next environment I’ll be training in.

Lets Activ8 Now! 🏋🏻‍♀️